How to Start Golfing if You’ve Never Golfed Before

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More people are discovering the joys of playing golf than ever before, especially since it’s also a great way to maintain fitness and do something healthy for your body. Golf is a game you can play at any age, with the only real requirements being that you are able to swing a golf club. If you are ambulatory, that’s even better, because walking the golf course is always a better physical workout than riding in a golf cart. If you’ve never golfed before, there are a few steps you should take to begin to find out what it is that has so many people fascinated by this wonderful game, and so you can begin to realize the health benefits of playing golf regularly.

Buying the Right Set of Clubs

When you’re first learning how to play golf, your focus should be on learning the basic skills and techniques, rather than supplying yourself with the best available golf clubs. You will undoubtedly play better golf by working on your basic skills than you will by purchasing a top-of-the-line set of golf clubs – which you wouldn’t be able to use correctly anyway. All you really need to get going with your golf game is a starter set of clubs, which you can purchase at any sporting goods store for less than $200.

In addition, your starter set will probably also come with a golf bag, so you can save money on having to purchase that separately. Later on, when you have acquired some of the necessary techniques and some of the fundamental skills, you’ll be able to improve your game by purchasing a better set of clubs. However, at the outset, there’s simply no need for it, because the best clubs in the world are not going to lower your golf score until you know how to hit the ball properly.

Recommended Golf Clubs

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Take Lessons From a Pro

You will quickly learn that all of your friends and all of their friends will have some friendly advice for you as a beginning golfer. Almost everyone will have a tip that they swear to you will shave five strokes off your typical round of golf, and you need to be using it right away so you can build up your skill level. There may or may not be some useful guidance in all these tips and recommendations, but the best way to ensure that you’re developing a proper golf swing is to take some lessons from a PGA professional.

Many golf courses have a PGA pro in-house who provides lessons to novices, golf hitting mats to practice on, and one on one coaching that you should definitely take advantage of. But you shouldn’t just choose the first instructor that you come across or the one who is closest to your home, because you may not benefit as much as you would when you’ve chosen the right instructor. Selecting the right golf professional to instruct you is basically a two-part process: verifying their credentials, and determining whether or not they’re compatible with you.

It’s worth your while to confirm that a self-proclaimed golf expert is really a PGA professional who is qualified to deliver instruction to newcomers. Once you’ve done that, you should make sure that you can actually work successfully with a candidate instructor. For instance, it’s essential that you are able to understand what the instructor is trying to convey to you, and if he/she happens to be a poor communicator, that’s just not going to happen. You should also be sure that your golf instructor uses modern teaching methods, and that the individual understands your goals with regard to golf, and is willing to help you achieve them.

Practice, Practice, Practice

After you have absorbed a few lessons from your golf pro, it’s time to put all that information into practice and head to the driving range, where you can begin hitting bulk golf balls and seeing results. When you do go to the range, it should not be a pointless exercise, but it should be a focused session where you’re actually aiming to accomplish some specific goal related to your golf game.

Some good habits to get into at the driving range are to switch your targets frequently because when you’re on a golf course, you’ll be approaching the green from many different angles. You should choose one aspect of the game to work on during your range session, for instance, using your driver, or hitting your irons and hybrids. Whatever it is that you’ve decided to focus on for a particular session, it’s always best to warm up using your wedge. These are the easiest clubs in your bag to hit, and it will help you get into a rhythm for the rest of your session.

If you haven’t yet developed a routine, it’s a good idea to do so at the driving range. Your golf routine should include all those things you do at set up time, including hand-positioning and your address position, as well as a set method for your backswing, your downswing, and your follow-through. One specific range you might want to try are those hosted by Topgolf, which is a company that provides a driving range for you and your group, along with some top-notch refreshments that will add to your total enjoyment of the session.

If you really want to speed up the process of getting good at golf, one of the most effective things you can do for yourself is to practice with a golf simulator. They provide you with an immersive and panoramic experience that is three-dimensional in nature and uses a high-speed camera to extract a number of different angles of your swing. This information is then fed into analyzing software which can tell you exactly what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong in your swing. It’s also aesthetically pleasing because most simulators use some of the most famous golf courses from around the world as the backdrop to improving your game.

Don’t Forget Your Putting Game

There are probably as many different putting drills as there are golf courses in this country, and most of them will indeed help you to become a better putter. So the putting drills that you use should be those that truly help you hole out more pots, and which give you more confidence on the golf course.

One of the best of these putting drills is known as the 1-2-3 putting drill, and it involves setting up three balls on the same line as the hole, at distances of 3 feet, 6 feet, and 9 feet away from the hole. The reason for these distances is that 80% of the putts you’ll face on the golf course are within 10 feet of the hole, and that means you need to be very confident about putts of that distance. Start with the 3-foot putt, and then go to the 6-foot and the 9-foot putts. This drill will help you to acquire a good rhythm before you get on the golf course, and if you can consistently make most of those putts, you can expect to have a good day on the greens and to save a few strokes off your score.

Final Thoughts For Novice Golfers

It’s never too late to learn to play golf. Whether you’re age 6, 60, or 96, you can take up the game. Pick up an inexpensive, or use a set of clubs, and head out to the driving range, or putting green. Then take a few lessons, and you’ll be on your way to seeing why so many are crazy about golf.

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