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Range Balls [Min. 25 Dozen / $5.40 per dozen - Call to Order]

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For the first time in our 30 years of business, we are forced to temporarily suspend our Range Ball and Golfer’s Blend product line due to our current supply and labor shortage.

Because of the volatile job market, our experienced golf ball harvesters have found other employment. We are currently searching for new employees that can be trained to harvest the pond balls from the golf courses that we service. As golf course ponds fill with golf balls, we must wait to retrieve them until we can hire and train new harvesters.

However, will begin harvesting operations once the weather breaks next spring to make our product line available for you again by July 2022.

Here’s what that means for you:

  • We will maintain a limited supply of golf balls through the winter. Please call for availability.
  • We are currently processing golf balls for golf courses and driving ranges who ship their golf balls to us.

That means you can still offer Golfer's Blend and Range Balls to your customers! Here's how:

  1. Just send your used golf ball to us and we will clean, then grade your golf balls.
  2. Then we’ll stripe a portion of your golf balls for your driving range needs, while grading the better more expensive golf balls into Golfer’s Blend.
  3. You can then sell this Golfer’s Blend back to your customers with great profit margins.

We can also purchase your used golf balls if you wish to free up your storage space and receive extra revenue. Either way, we do request at least 5,000 balls as a minimum to help you lower shipping cost per ball.

Please call us at (812) 753-4554 for details.

During these unprecedented times, all of us at Rawhide Golf Ball Co. are working hard to get you the product you’ve come to rely on us for. Thank you for your continued support.

Mark Schmitt, Pres.
Rawhide Golf Ball Co.

Product Description

Our full inventory of range balls is not available for purchase on our website. Give us a call or drop by our store and we'll be happy to take your order!

*Free shipping is not included for used golf balls.

Golf balls harvested from the water hazards of golf courses in the Midwest.
Cleaned and striped with Rawhide's 2-part urethane enamel red paint with special additives for durability.

How We Recover Golf Balls

9400 balls recovered in 8 hours9400 balls recovered in 8 hours