Golf Ball Harvesting Roller

Golf Ball Harvesting Roller
Custom built by Mark Schmitt, founder of Rawhide Golf Ball Company.

* Building rollers since the mid-90's for personal use in harvesting golf balls for his company's golf ball pond accounts.

* After many years experimenting and field-testing various designs and disk spacing, Mark has perfected the harvesting rollers that best suit most ponds of the varying mud densities and bottom topography. Yielding the highest efficiency of golf ball extraction. Leaving less balls behind to continue degradation due to the influence of pond water.

* Mark also designed and tested for over 10 years, a special golf ball harvesting roller specifically for the use of ponds that have plastic rubber liners. Most golf course superintendents restrict the use of aluminum disk rollers in their liner ponds for fear of damage and expensive repairs. Mark designed a 36-disk polycarbonate roller to help ease superintendents fear. These disks are wider and more compatible with the concept of plastic on plastic. Making the perfect
combination and approach to superintendents.

* In 2007, Mark designed a simpler faster way of removing golf balls from his roller. Instead of using fingers or rakes, Mark designed a handheld shucker. The operator can attach the shucker to his roller to quickly and effortlessly remove golf balls from the roller. Less time out of the water. More time in the water is working for you to have a higher rate of harvest.

* In 2020, Mark created the latest generation of harvesting rollers by taking his standard 40 disk roller and splitting it in half creating two independent 20 disk rollers in one. After 3 years of field testing, is now the new standard in Mark’s harvesting system. The icing on the cake is the golf ball shucker trays that hold the shucked golf balls for ease of pouring into any field container.

* In 2022, Mark proudly transferred the ownership of Rawhide Golf Ball Company to a younger farm-oriented family. Mark now has more time during his retirement to return 45 years’ experience of golf ball harvesting back to the used golf ball industry.

* Many of Mark’s golf ball harvesting rollers, shucker and trays have been built and sold throughout US and Canada.

* Mark’s Harvesting systems is so precise with so many parts he fabricates, it takes months to build. Now that Mark can focus less on Rawhide Golf Ball Company, he now has more time to make rollers available to improve the harvesting of golf balls for others nationwide.

* During the 2023-24 winter, Mark built 6 new rollers of the latest generation, one which is a polycarbonate roller. Ready to ship and start working for you for years to come.

*Mark is always available to answer any of your questions and to help guide you through the best use of his rolling system in the most challenging pond conditions. Yielding the best harvest and return on your investment.

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