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When you’re getting your practice in, you deserve the very best products, and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you order practice driving range mats from Rawhide Golf Ball Co. Rawhide cleans and inspects each golf mat to provide top quality in a recycled product. These 42lb. practice golf mats are 60″ X 60″ with a tee hole on each of the four sides, and they have a half-inch thick foam underlayment and a one-inch thick turf, which will allow you to use your own tees if you wish. Rawhide Golf Ball Co. has used driving range golf mats to meet all of your practice needs. Our mats are reliable and long-lasting so whether you golf every day or just as a hobby, we have the perfect mat for you.

We only provide our customers with the best quality practice driving range mats. At Rawhide Golf Ball Co. we make it our responsibility to provide you with a top-notch product to enhance your golfing experience, at the best price. My supplier demands the highest standards in practice range mat construction for their high-class facilities.

We can now offer you the same for 1/3 the price of a new mat and all mats must pass a rigorous quality inspection prior to shipping. We offer convenient billing through PayPal and shipping via UPS. There is no charge for shipping within the continental United States. Additional shipping charges apply for Alaska and Hawaii. Contact us for shipping to any other destination.

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Driving Range Mats

Shipping options include UPS Ground with each mat rolled and boxed or by freight pallatized flat and shrink wrapped for protection in larger volumes. Shipping companies may vary to allow you the best convenience and lowest cost.

Driving Range Mats GRADE A – Near perfect condition

Slightly used 60″ X 60″, 1/2″ foam underlayment 1″ thick turf. One of the highest quality on the market. Cleaned and inspected at our facility.

1-5: $210.00/Each
6-10: $200.00/Each
11-25: $185.00/Each
26 or more: $175.00/Each
**Price includes flat shipping rate within the 48 contiguous United States. Shipping rates to Alaska and Hawaii calculated at check out. Contact us directly prior to placing your order for shipments to any other destination.

Driving Range Mats GRADE B – Good condition

Slightly used 60″ X 60″, 1/2″ foam underlayment 1″ thick turf. One of the highest quality on the market. Cleaned and inspected at our facility.

1-5: $150.00/Each
6-10: $140.00/Each
11-25: $125.00/Each
26 or more: $120.00/Each
**Price includes flat shipping rate within the 48 contiguous United States. Shipping rates to Alaska and Hawaii calculated at check out. Contact us directly prior to placing your order for shipments to any other destination.


Where do your mats come from?
We acquire our mats from a single-supplier. Owning over 50 driving range practice facilities in the United States and growing. Their reputation in the golf industry is of the highest, most progressive standards. The practice mats are custom built in Dalton, GA.
How do you prepare your mats for resale?
Each golf mat is cleaned and graded. No cosmetic alterations are done to improve the appearance. Grading is done by hand and given a final inspection to ensure product accuracy and consistency.
What is the difference between Grade A and Grade B mats?
Mats we receive are in “near perfect” Grade A condition. However, some are received in a “slightly more used” Grade B condition, which we discount. We target mostly the degree of turf wear above the four rubber tee holes. While two will hardly have wear on both grades, the B Grade may have two with slightly more wear.
Can I use my own tees?
Absolutely! Anywhere on the mat! Regardless of the grade. Or use any of the rubber tee holes. One along each side of the mat.
What is the size of the mat?
Each mat is 60’ by 60’ and weighs 42 pounds.
Do you sell in bulk?
We can send as many mats as you’d like. Hundred in stock. We reduce the price per mat depending on the quantity.
Where do you ship to?
We can ship to any destination. Additional charges apply to shipments outside the continental United States.
What is the shipping cost?
There is no additional shipping charge to the continental United States. Additional charges apply to shipments to Alaska and Hawaii. Contact us for shipping arrangements to any other destination.
How old are the mats?
It is of strict policy that my supplier use these mats for only one year. Regardless of use!
Can the mats be used outdoors?
These mats have been exposed only to outdoor temperatures from North to South. Protected from the sun and rain. As a precaution, my supplier required they be built to withstand full outdoor exposure in any part of the country.
What other uses can these mats be for?
You’re limited by your imagination. We have sold these mats to high school and university athletic departments for not only golf but for baseball and football practice pads, as well as home and RV owners, to use as doormats and landscaping.
Can I get real feedback using my wedges and irons?
Absolutely!! These mats are professional commercial grade mats allowing a real feel on the turf with little or no bounce.


Golf Courses and Pro Shops

Golf courses and pro shops can take advantage of the convenience of a driving range golf mat. Golfers can still take advantage of your course during the months your Bermuda grass is dormant.

During the winter months, place our mats on your course’s par 3 tees and watch your golfers benefit from driving off a realistic mat.

Divot damage is always a nuisance on dormant grass and more than likely not heal until spring. Your tees will look better during the winter with less repair and expense. And players will be attracted to the mats for that summer feel. Remove your mats come spring and use on your driving range or store for the next winter. Year after year. That is a winning investment!

If you would like to learn more about us and our products, please call Rawhide Golf Ball Co. at 812-753-4554, or visit our Contact Us page.


Thousands of Golf Mats Shipped and Counting


See What Our Customers Have To Say!

Rawhide is the place

“What an amazing experience!! Heard of this company while watching one of many YouTube videos in search for ideas on a home built Golf simulator. I visited the website and after learning all I needed to know, I sent an email request for purchase information. MOMENTS LATER, the president of the Rawhide contacted me.

I purchased two mats on Monday. I live in New York and Rawhide is in Indiana. Thursday morning these near-perfect mats arrived.
I have played several rounds since getting these and they are far superior to what I had been using. And in comparing Rawhides mats to the mats offered by others, price is another caveat.

Trust me, Rawhide is the place. It’s hard to find a company that values each customer as if they were friends or family. And harder to find one that has integrity. This experience wasn’t as promised, it was BETTER!! Thank you Rawhide”

-Jachconi | New York

We are very pleased

“We are very pleased with the range mats we purchased from Rawhide. We are into our second season with the range mats and they are still in great shape. If you are wanting to save a little money and have a great product for your clients, I would recommend getting your next set of range mats from Rawhide Golf Ball Company!”

-Jason K., G.M. | Eagles Nest Golf Course | Loveland, OH

The most intelligent way to purchase golf mats.

“These mats have the real feel of grass, worth 5 stars by itself. Once our customers used them, that’s when the magic happened for hitting such great shots. Simply a tremendous brilliant business! This is the most intelligent way when you are in need of purchasing golf mats. Price is good and staff is even better. No complaints on behalf of our driving range and for certain Rawhide Golf will keep us as a customer.”

-Anne M. | Tee Off Golf 2 | Lafayette, IN

These mats are great!

“They are great! We paid for the mats in 12 days this spring. It starts our season on the range earlier. I would recommend to everyone. The condition of these mats are great. The player’s comments are very positive. Even stopping and coming into the golf shop to tell us how nice they were.”

-Dave S., PGA | Cross Winds G.C. | Perrysburg, OH

Excellently constructed mats…

“We inquired with Mark about the possibility of some range mats. He said he had some slightly used ones he would show me. To be honest I wasn’t expecting much but to my surprise the mats were clean, not very worn at all, and (most importantly) excellently constructed mats. We used them all winter and spring and take them up for summer/fall until we need them again. They cleaned up easily and store easily. We will be getting more this coming year. I highly recommend these mats!”

-Brad S., PGA Director of Golf | Country Hills G.C. | Hendersonville, TN