What are the Best Golf Clubs for Seniors to Buy?

What are the Best Golf Clubs for Seniors to Buy?

The best golf clubs for seniors to buy are generally those which have been constructed specifically for seniors, and have been engineered to include greater flexibility and a bigger sweet spot in the area of impact. Features like this will help senior golfers overcome any natural loss of flexibility in their body, as well as diminishing strength. It's entirely possible to overcome much of the diminished playing ability that a senior might have simply by purchasing golf clubs which have been specifically engineered to supply some of that missing power and flexibility.

Why Seniors May Want to Buy Golf Clubs Specifically Suited to Them

As you age, it generally happens that your golf skills will begin to erode, and this is something which is just unavoidable. However, that's no reason why you still can't continue to enjoy playing the wonderful game of golf, and still derive a great deal of pleasure from it. You may have to alter your playing style a little bit to accommodate your diminishing skills, but it's well worth it in order to keep on playing.

The big difference with senior golf clubs is that they are more forgiving and have larger sweet spots, and this will allow you to hit the ball with less strength. Most senior clubs will also have a higher loft than regular clubs, so that the ball can be launched into the air easier. It's also true that seniors are generally less flexible than younger players, and that means they will need a flexible shaft to accommodate their altered swing. By purchasing senior golf clubs, you will be able to cover up some of the deficiencies which accompany older age, and still play at a relatively consistent rate.

What Makes a Golf Club More Suitable for Seniors

Because seniors will generally experience a gradual decrease in swing speed and strength, they won't be able to hit the ball as far, and will have more difficulty getting the ball airborne. Golf clubs which are specifically manufactured for seniors can assist in these areas by providing more lift and by being lighter, so not as much strength is needed to swing them. Most senior golf clubs are also designed with bigger sweet spots, so they are more forgiving on mishits, and they also include flexible shafts which aid with increased accuracy and distance.

What Club Styles are Preferable?

The style of clubs which are preferable for seniors are those which help them achieve greater distance while using less effort in their swing. Golf shafts which are flexible, such as graphite shafts, will help to make up for declining swing speed and flexibility. One style which is particularly effective at making up for the diminishing abilities of a senior golfer are hybrids, which combine the good qualities of woods and irons, and that allows a player to get more distance out of the swing with less power.

There are a number of manufacturers who specifically produce golf clubs aimed at seniors, and at helping them overcome any decline in their skills. Generally speaking, all these senior golf club sets are the ones which should get most of your attention, because they have built-in accommodation for some aspects of your game which may be in decline.

Recommended Brands

Everyone will of course have their own list of best clubs to buy, and these will be very subjective in nature, so there are no right or wrong answers about which senior clubs you should be purchasing. However, the following list is as good as any, and they have been proven to be very effective at helping seniors overcome diminishing skills, so they can continue to play well and enjoy the game.

The Callaway Men's Strata Ultimate Complete Set is a 12-piece set of golf clubs consisting of high performance woods and irons, with the primary engineering principle being that of injecting a boost to your swing speed. They are lightweight and sturdy, and do a good job of getting the ball airborne, while also providing maximum forgiveness on mishits.

The Wilson Ultra Plus Set is a very affordable option, which focuses on adding distance to your shots, especially those off the tee. With extra large sweet spots, they are very forgiving, and the flexible shafts help to overcome any loss of power you may have experienced with advancing age.

Another set of golf clubs which is really excellent for supplying more distance is the TaylorMade M2 Combo Golf Set, which includes the company's flagship M2 hybrids, wedges, and irons, all in one set. These are considered to be the longest golf clubs on the senior market, so if distance is your only weakness, these clubs will be a big help.

Callaway offers another Ultimate Complete Set which features 16 clubs instead of the 12 in the set discussed above. Extra hybrids and wedges make the difference, giving you more options for various shots you encounter in the fairway and around the greens. There are doubtless many other very adequate sets of senior golf clubs, but in choosing one of these, you can't go wrong, and you should be able to lower your scores and enjoy the game more.


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