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Golf Ball Cleaning & Grading

Turn your used golf balls into profit. 

Process recovered golf balls and turn waste into new income with Rawhide Golf Ball Co.

The average golfer loses two golf balls each round.

That means you have thousands of golf balls hiding on your course.
Imagine you could these used golf balls into a functional and profitable resource for your driving range and pro shop.
With a good cleaning and grading, most golf balls can actually be restored to playable condition. 
Just collect your golf balls, send them to Rawhide, and we'll send back cleaned golf balls packaged up and ready for you to use on your driving range or in your pro shop.

To get started, contact us by phone or by filling out the form on our Contact page.

Pure Profits with Rawhide's Used Golf Ball Processing

Increased Profit

With almost no overhead, supplying your driving range and pro shop with cleaned and repurposed golf balls generates more profit for your course.

New Options

Your members will love you! Adding a cost-effective used golf ball option in your pro shop keeps players coming back time and time again.

Less Waste

If you have stored golf balls collecting dust, we'll clean, sort, and grade them to use on your driving range or sell them in your pro shop to generate extra revenue.

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How It Works

1. Ship

Recover lost or stored golf balls and ship them to us.

2. Sort

We'll clean them up and sort them into stripeable range-grade & higher-quality pro shop golf balls.

3. Sell

You get two pre-packaged grades of golf balls. One to sell in your Pro Shop, and one to use on your driving range.

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Who Is Rawhide Golf Ball Co?

For over 40 years we've been recovering, processing, and reselling golf balls and practice mats from our ranch in Fort Branch, IN.
From diving for golf balls at local courses to selling the world's highest-quality used range mats, Rawhide is known for helping golfers all over the U.S. up their game without breaking the bank.
Whether selling golf balls ourselves or returning them to local courses, our simple and cost-effective process saves the day for both golfers courses and their members. Our team would love to help you too. 

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Why does Rawhide want my golf balls?

At Rawhide Golf Ball Co., we've harvested and processed used golf balls for golf course pro shops and driving ranges for over 30 years. Each year, we harvest over one million golf balls within just 250 miles of our facility! 
For decades, we've relied on highly trained divers & mechanical power equipment to harvest golf balls from water hazards. Each harvest gives us a continuous supply of golf balls to process and sell year-round. 
We wanted to offer golf courses like you the same opportunity.
That's why we're proud to offer a service no other business offers - helping golf courses make easy cash off their own used golf balls. We make it easy:

  1. Harvest your golf balls and send them to us.
  2. We'll clean, sort, and package them for you.
  3. You get two pre-packaged grades of golf balls. One to sell in your Pro Shop, and one to use on your driving range.

Your members get cheaper access to golf balls, which means they come back for more and more games of golf. It's a win-win!
Whether you have a storage facility full of dirty golf balls or a course with thousands of golf balls waiting to be found, scoop them up, ship them off, and let us help you sell them!
Fill out the form on our contact page (or give us a call) and we'll give you your next steps. Even if you've never harvested your golf balls before, we'll make the process easy for you.

To your success,
Mark SchmittPresident, Rawhide Golf Ball Co.

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