What is Backspin and Why Do Golfers Work on Perfecting It?

What is Backspin and Why Do Golfers Work on Perfecting It?

Maybe you want to impress your friends during the summer or maybe you just want to genuinely improve your golf game. Either way, if you want to give your golf game an upgrade, you need to know the basics. Luckily, we’ve broken down the fundamentals of the art of the backspin. What is backspin?

Backspin, also known as slice or underspin, is a shot in golf that makes the golf ball spin backward. The more backspin you put on the ball, the higher the ball glides through the air, the farther the ball goes, and the better chance the ball will get closer to the hole. Backspin is a crucial element to the game of golf and takes some time to master. But, if you want to at least look like you somewhat know how to play golf, the backspin is something that will make all of your friends’ heads turn.

Not only is the backspin necessary for height and distance, but also control. When there is an ample amount of backspin on the golf ball, the ball won’t hit the ground with such a hard thud. With a more controlled landing, the ball will land in one spot and be less likely to bounce sporadically and unpredictably.

How to Create Backspin with a Wedge

To really look like a pro in front of your friends, there’s nothing too much cooler than hitting a wedge shot and seeing it pop up on the green. Seeing your shot come up closer to the hole with precision and control is a very confidence-boosting thing. The problem with most golfers is that this spin doesn’t happen every shot. This lack of consistency with their spin is due to a simple lack of control.

You don’t have to be a pro golfer to be able to consistently put an impressive spin on your wedge. Like anything, it just takes time and practice to perfect the wedge spin. The difficulty in practice is that many golfers don’t know what they should be practicing. We’ve broken down some of the best strategies to help you improve your wedge spin like a pro.

Use the Right Equipment

Using the correct equipment is often an overlooked aspect of golf. The pros aren’t just winging it with stuff they grabbed out of their step dad's garage. You need a high spin golf ball and fresh grooves to give the wedge shot a fighting chance of having some spin. This usually means that you will need a top-end ball from a manufacturer, which will be more expensive. However, if you want to improve your golf game, this is a step you’ll need to take.

Make Solid Contact

Now that you have the equipment you need, the next thing you need to polish is making solid contact with the ball. What exactly does this mean? First, you have to hit the golf ball in the center of the clubface. Second, you need to have a clean lie where the club can hit the ball without contact with grass first. You want to be sure that you make your shot lower on the face. The lower the better, as this will drive the ball upwards and produce that solid spin.

Increase Your Clubhead Speed

It’s simple physics that the harder you hit a golf ball, the more opportunity the golf ball has for speed. The reason you hear a big clack when the pros tee off is because they’re hitting the ball with a lot of force. A lot of force isn’t to be confused with a lack of control. We’re not saying you should let loose and try to crack the golf ball. You should still have control, but try to work on increasing the speed at which you hit the ball as this will greatly increase your chances of getting that spin.

How Can I Practice Putting Backspin on My Shot From Home?

Can’t make it to a golf course, but still want to work on your game? No problem! If you have a yard or some open space outside, here are some helpful ways that you can put some work into your golf game from home:

  • Use a Short Club: Using a short iron or wedge will help you get that backspin on the ball since getting a lot of height on the ball is difficult for many beginners.
  • Practice Hitting Down: Position the ball more towards the back of your foot rather than in the center of your stance. This will force you to hit down on the ball, creating backspin.
  • Hit Into the Wind: Hitting into the wind will allow the ball to travel higher and have more backspin.

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