Golf Course Mats

Practice mats can be one of the most useful golf accessories you could ever purchase because they allow you to refine your swing right in your own backyard. You can save a ton of money by not having to go to a driving range and pay for buckets of balls. That of course, means that you can afford to practice a lot more often, and when you do that, you should see significant improvement in your game, relatively quickly.

The used practice mats sold by the Rawhide Golf Ball Company have the look and feel of real fairways and tee boxes so that you get the same experience when you’re practicing as you do when you’re on the course. When you’re thinking about ways to get better quickly at playing, the first thing that should come to mind is purchasing a practice mat, because it will allow you to commit much more time to improve your swing. All the really good players will tell you that the way they got to that point is by long hours of training, done as often as they could possibly squeeze it into their schedule.

Golf Course Practice Mats

Golf courses often have areas where players can warm up before playing their scheduled round that day, and this is a great way to work out some of the kinks in your swing before actually attacking the course. If you’re the manager of a golf course in this country, this is a service which many of your players would greatly appreciate, because no one really wants to walk on to a course cold. Invariably, those first few swings can be a little shaky, at least until players warm-up and start hitting the ball with their normally good swings.

A great idea for your course would be to set up a number of stalls away from the course itself, so that players can hit a small bucket of golf balls to rekindle that muscle memory, and to literally get back in the swing of things. Having these stalls and golf mats setup at your course will also encourage players to arrive on time or a little early, so they can get in some practice swings prior to their tee time.

Golf Tee Mats

Golf tee mats are used when you’re mostly interested in improving your tee shots, such as those shots which call for you to pull out The Big Stick, your driver. For most people, using the driver effectively is one of the most difficult skills to conquer, and some people never do master the swing. However, if you do get it right, it can bring some of the biggest benefits of any club in your bag, because a good drive will shorten every hole, and give you the best chance to reach the green in regulation.

Our golf tee mats each have several openings where rubber tees can be placed, so as to accommodate left-handed swingers as well as right-handed players. The holes are positioned in several places around the mat, so you can use the one which is most comfortable and most natural for your setup and your swing. Then it’s just a matter of repeating your driver swing as often as you have time for, so you can begin to learn from your mistakes and get a little bit better at swinging your driver with each session.

Country Club Golf Mats

Country clubs tend to be a little more exclusive than public golf courses, and they are even sometimes private clubs with limited memberships. Most of the members of such country clubs are pretty serious about their games, and that means they’re constantly striving to get better, so they can keep up with their proficient colleagues at the club. Installing used mats at your country club will give your members the perfect opportunity to do just that because many will take advantage of the fact that they can practice right at the club where they play most of their rounds.

In fact, some of your members may drop by the club for the sole purpose of working on their swing in private, thus eliminating the need to go to a public driving range or having to install a mat at home. Even when they’re not scheduled to play a round at the country club that day, you’ll probably have a number of members visit the club to work out the little kinks in their swing, so they can be a little better prepared for that next round. If you have some property anywhere adjacent to the course itself, it will be a simple matter to install some practice areas and mats to accommodate your members, and their desire to become better golfers.

Purchase Quality Golf Mats Today

When you’re prepared to really commit more time to improve your game, one of the pieces of equipment you’ll need is a practice mat, so you can get in a lot more training without having to pay for buckets of balls. You can extend that savings concept by purchasing a used practice mat from the Rawhide Golf Ball Company, where you can obtain a used mat which is in very good condition for roughly one-third the price of a new one on today’s market.

Contact us at the Rawhide Golf Ball Company with any questions you might have about our mats, or about how inexpensively you can purchase a large number of golf balls to prepare for the upcoming season. Since 1975, we have been providing high-quality balls and mats to our customers and helping them improve their games, so their enjoyment of the game has a chance to grow dramatically. We are the largest company of our kind in the entire Midwest, and we’d like the chance to show you why we have grown so much over the last 40 years.