Golf Instructor Golf Mats

Everyone would like to have the opportunity of working on their golf swing, because that’s really the only way you can get better as a golfer. When you have the chance to be working on your swing almost every day, it’s possible to make significant improvements in a short period of time. But most of us don’t have that kind of opportunity, because it would mean we’d have to go to the driving range every day and pay $20 for a bucket of balls. There is a way to get around this major expense, and that’s to purchase your own reconditioned golf mat from Rawhide Golf Ball Company. All these mats have been refurbished and made ready for long usage, and the best part of it is that you can purchase one of these at something like one third the cost of what it would cost you to purchase one brand new.

That’s a deal you can’t afford to pass up if you’re really interested in improving your game and getting your form where you want it to be. Continue reading down below to find out more about some of the practice mats which are available from Rawhide, and which can help you achieve your goal of becoming much more consistent, so you can enjoy playing a whole lot more.

Golf Instructor Practice Mats

If you’re an instructor, you really need to have an area where you can convey important principles to your students, and have them work on those principles right in your presence. Have students working right beside you where you can observe their attempts to reproduce a desirable swing, and you can be more effective as an instructor.

It will also save a lot of wear and tear on your lawn or wherever else you happen to be providing instruction from, because students won’t be digging into your turf but will instead be swinging from the simulated turf. Rather than having your students hit off real turf and causing some level of damage, you can have them drive from a practice pad that is built to withstand abuse, and can still be in good shape for the next student. Get yourself a high-quality instructor golf mat from Rawhide, so you can be sure that it will hold up under stress, and so you can count on it as one component in your instructional process.

Golf Tee Mats

For most people, the most difficult club in their bag is the driver. This stands to reason, since it has by far the biggest head of any other club, and while you might think that makes it easier to connect with the ball, it also makes for some complicated dynamics as that larger head cuts through the air on the backswing and downswing.

In order to familiarize with a new driver, or to just get more consistent with an older driver that is already in your bag, one of the best approaches you can take is to buy a golf tee mat. It will have several perforations through the simulated turf where a rubber tee can be inserted so that you can practice hitting drives off the mat.

There are usually perforations on both the left and the right side, to accommodate lefty and righty swingers, and those holes are situated in various locations around the area, so that you can find a spot where you’re most comfortable. Each time you make a shot with your driver and watch the flight of the ball, you should be able to tell what you did right or wrong.

Then you can make adjustments on your next shot, and that’s really how you become more proficient at hitting good drives. When you can hit a number of drives one after the other and observe the results, then make modifications to your approach which improve those results, you will have a much better chance of improving your drives in a shorter period of time.

It’s hard to learn a lot about your approach to using a driver on the course since you might only use your driver between 12 and 14 times at the most, so it can be really helpful to take lots of swings with your driver on the mat and learn what you need to adjust to improve. In essence, having your own tee area accelerates the learning process of working with your driver.

Country Club Golf Mats

If your country club doesn’t already have mats in place for your members to use, you should definitely consider having some installed for the convenience of all those who belong to your club. It’s a safe bet to say that virtually everyone who is a member of your country club would like to improve their form, and if they can’t make it out on the course every day, the next best alternative is to practice their drive off one of the reconditioned country club mats offered by the Rawhide Golf Ball Company.

Sometimes it’s even better to go through exercises from an area like this than it is to make shots from the course because you can focus on a single club in your bag and hit one shot after another. Then when you’re satisfied with your work on that specific club, you can move on to some other aspect of your game, like using the driver or a hybrid. At any rate, there’s no question that your country club members will greatly appreciate having areas available to utilizes exercises from, so they can all sharpen their skills and lower their scores on the next round.

Quality Golf Mats For You and Your Students

Whatever you might need your practice area for, you’ll find superior mats at the most affordable prices at Rawhide Golf Ball Company. Having your own mat will allow you to sharpen your swinging skills at your own pace and without the expense of having to pay for a bucket of balls every time you go to the range. You can also purchase refurbished balls from us, which are in excellent shape and have simply been reconditioned to provide outstanding service on the course. Contact us today to inquire about practice mats or to place your order for either a mat or some used balls, so you’re completely ready for this year’s season.