Pet & Animal Golf Mats

If you’ve never thought of the idea of installing a golf mat for your pet’s usage, it might be time to consider the idea now. At Rawhide Golf Ball Company, you can purchase a high-quality golf mat at one-third to one-quarter of the price you would pay for a brand new one direct from the manufacturer. To get dual usage out of the mat, you could practice up and sharpen your swing on it for several weeks or months, and then re-purpose it for usage by your dog or cat, and they can get years more usage out of it. Read below to find out more about this interesting option.

Golf Mats for Pets

Pets love curling up on your carpet and relaxing for hours, and when you provide them with a pad for that purpose, you’ll be able to confine their usage to one area and spare your carpet any ill-usage. You also won’t have to vacuum up hairs off your carpet, because your pets’ hair will be limited to the area, where you don’t have to worry about hairs accumulating.

Artificial Grass for Pets for Play

Dogs and cats enjoy playing on artificial grass because they appreciate the clean smell and the soft feel of the mat’s fibers. Providing them with a is also a good way to discourage digging if your pet has acquired that habit. Because they no longer smell the soil when digging, dogs will curtail the digging habit, eventually understanding that there is no soil underneath the grassy surface. Since Rawhide mats are 60″ x 60″, your pet will have a broad area to stretch out and relax on, and when it comes time for play, there will also be a comfortable area where that can be accommodated.

Other Benefits of Golf Mats for Pets

One of the things you’ll appreciate about using a mat this way is that it is perfectly safe for them to take up residence on, having no built-in chemicals which can harm your dog or cat. If you fertilize your lawn or have a chemical company spray it periodically, your natural lawn is actually less safe for them than the artificial version would be.

If your dog plays on that lawn or chews any grass from it, there could be a health issue that results from the ingestion of chemicals that have been used on the lawn. Because your mat is composed of artificial turf fibers, it can be sprayed with a product such as Urine Zero, which will virtually eliminate any smell of urine, if your pet decides to use it for that purpose. There are other products available as well, which can help to eliminate any kind of odors that might build upon it after a period of usage.

High Quality Mats for Your Pets to Use

Using a golf mat to provide your pet with a base of operations in your home, or outside next to its doghouse, can be a great way of providing a play area, a bathroom spot, or a place for relaxation. It’s a totally safe option, and it’s very easy to keep it clean and hygienic. You can even get some personal use out of it by working on your swing with it, before designating it for your pet’s usage. Contact us at Rawhide Golf Ball Company to inquire about our golf mats, or to obtain a quote for one of our high-quality products.