High-Quality Practice Mats for High School & College Golf Programs

Many high schools and colleges have golf programs as part of their student-athlete activities, but it can be difficult to control costs for a golf program, since the sport itself typically involves some expense, even for practicing. In order to help manage these costs, team officials and organizers need to be aware of some of the best equipment which costs relatively little, and can still be acquired under most existing school budgets.

High Schools & Colleges

Most high school and college golf programs do not have the freedom to operate on unlimited budgets, especially since those budgets are regularly voted on and approved (or not) by all the parents of the community, and that means there’s no room for waste. That being the case, it’s important to get as much as possible out of the budget which has been allocated for the program. Frequent trips to the driving range are pretty much out of the question since that would mean you’d have to pay for at least one bucket of balls per participant, and that would have to be done multiple times per week.

Far better would be to have some practice golf mats right at the school, so that athletes could make use of them every day, either with actual golf balls or with Wiffle balls when there isn’t enough room to hit real golf balls. Economizing in every way possible is probably the path which most programs are obliged to follow, and the materials needed for daily practice represent one major area where costs can be pared down.

Since golf mats come closest to actual course conditions, they provide a cost-effective solution that virtually all high school and college programs should take advantage of.

Used Golf Practice Mats

If you had to go out and buy brand-new practice mats, they might cost you $500 apiece or even more. By purchasing used and reconditioned golf mats, you’ll save money without sacrificing any of the quality you’re looking for in a mat. The practice mats offered by Rawhide Golf Ball Company have all been refurbished and cleaned, and are subjected to the highest standards of quality control before being offered for sale.

If you are the manager or organizer of a high school or college golf program, you’re in a position to obtain a huge discount by purchasing mats from Rawhide in volume. Mats that are considered to be in very good condition, you would only have to pay $210 each for up to five, and when you buy as many as 26 or more, that price plummets to $175 each.

This could furnish your entire team with practice mats, so they can get in daily swing practice, even if they have to be taken indoors during periods of inclement weather. Mats that are graded as being in good condition are sold for $150 each when you buy as many as five mats, and if you buy 26 or more, you will be entitled to an even bigger discount at $120 apiece.

Mats that are graded as being in fair condition are sold for $100 each when you buy as many as five mats, and if you buy 26 or more, you will be entitled to an even bigger discount at $75 apiece.

As you can see, it’s to your advantage to purchase golf mats from Rawhide for your entire student team of athletes. Once you have purchased these, you will have them for years to come, so you won’t have to make the same purchases every year in order to keep your team practicing regularly. These mats are 60″ x 60″ and include 1/2″ thick foam underlayment, as well as a full 1″ thick artificial turf which mimics course conditions.

By practicing off this surface every day, you’ll have virtually the same conditions that you would on a real course, and that will help all your student-athletes transfer their skills from the practice mat to the course itself. They are of the highest quality available on the market and have been thoroughly inspected at the Rawhide facility before being offered for sale.

Bulk Golf Balls

Since you’re saving money by not going to the driving range and using your Rawhide practice mat, you might as well invest in some bulk Rawhide golf balls as well to increase your savings even more. There are a number of different gradations of ball which are sold by the company, but they’re all high quality and are ideal for usage by student-athletes.
Our Golfer’s Blend includes a mix of all the brand names you’re familiar with, and all of them are in virtually perfect condition. These are made available at $5.80 per dozen, which is approximately 20% of their retail value if they were sold in a sporting goods store.

Rawhide Range golf balls have all been gleaned from courses in the Midwest, then cleaned and graded, and striped with a urethane enamel paint, which can either be red, blue, green, or black. If you purchase between 25 and 500 dozen, the purchase price would be $3.90 per dozen, and if you purchase more than 500 dozen, that price would drop to $3.70 per dozen. At this rate, you could stockpile range balls that could be used throughout an entire season by your team of student-athletes.

The Rawhide Range Yellow balls are also in near perfect to good condition but have been dyed with the color yellow and have a stripe to identify them as range golf balls. These can be purchased at a rate of $4.10 per dozen when purchasing between 25 and 500 dozen and can be bought at $3.90 per dozen when as many as 501 or more dozen are bought at the same time.

Factory Range balls offered by Rawhide are either graded as A or B condition and are in near perfect to good shape for use as practice. When purchasing as many as 25 up to 500 dozen of these Factory Range balls, you can buy them for $4.10 per dozen, and when you purchase as many as 501 dozen, the price drops to $3.90 per dozen. Rawhide also sells Factory Range Yellow golf balls in near perfect to good condition, and these have the yellow dye applied to them to make them a little more distinctive.

Buying as many as 25 up to 500 dozen of these will cost you $4.50 per dozen, whereas purchasing 501 or more dozen will drop the price to $4.30 per dozen.