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Golf Ball Practice Mat Tray (Brazilian Tigerwood) + BONUS Golf Balls

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BONUS: Purchase today and we'll throw in 1 dozen of our Golfers Blend golf balls: a random assortment of the most popular brands.

Life changed for many of us last year during the pandemic. With entertainment and sports venues shuttered, many homeowners purchased quality, used golf practice mats from Rawhide Golf Ball Company so that they could continue their golf practice in their back yards, basements, or garages.

One item that we did not offer during that time was golf ball trays to compliment the practice mats.

Now that we have had time to consider this option, we have looked at other distributer's golf ball trays and found them to be plastic, molded trays that are mass-produced overseas. These are typical of marginal quality and of a limited life span.

After much thought and research, we are pleased to announce that we now offer hand-crafted golf ball practice mat trays produced on our family farm in southern Indiana. These are designed and built of high-quality, weather-resistant, Brazilian forest Tigerwood which makes them ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

After several modifications suggested by area golf professionals, we believe that our design has been perfected and ready for purchase by those golfers who want only the very best!

Each golf ball practice mat tray has a different color wood tone with some or many tiger stripe configurations. No two trays are alike which makes each truly unique. They are sanded and hand rubbed with teak oil for additional water resistance and beauty.

The tray is designed to be positioned to practice mats like ours that are 1.5 inches thick. The tray is 24 3/4" wide by 13" deep and completely assembled. The tray floor is ½ inch HDPE (high-density polyethylene) plastic.

Velcro strips are attached to easily remove the waterproof felt cushion pad so that it can be peeled off, cleaned, dried, and reinserted after a rain.

We feel that these quality golf ball practice mat trays are the perfect addition to your home golfing experience and that you will enjoy the combination of golf ball trays and practice mats for many years to come.