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Rawhide Golf Ball Co.

Mixed Nitro Golf Balls (Wholesale, 25 Dozen)

Mixed Nitro Golf Balls (Wholesale, 25 Dozen)

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Purchase a mixed blend of Nitro Golf Balls at a discounted wholesale rate of $7.25/dozen!

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The Details

Product Description

Purchase a mixed blend of Nitro Golf Balls at a discounted wholesale rate of $7.25/dozen!


Quantity: 6 Dozen per box (72 balls)
Condition: Brand New
Order Limits: Minimum 25 dozen

Each box is randomly packaged with different balls, and will have an assortment of different brands.

Brands included with our Golfer's Blend:

* Bridgestone
* Callaway
* Kirkland
* Maxfli
* Nike
* Noodle
* Pinnacle
* Slazenger
* Snell
* Srixon
* TaylorMade
* Titleist
* Vice
* Volvik
* Wilson

Titleist Pro V and Top-Flite brands excluded.

Shipping Information

Sold in increments of 25 dozen. Packaged in increments of 6 dozen per box.

Return Policy

If you have any issues with your product, call us and we'll make it right.

Check out our golf ball recovery process:

Step 1: Cleaning

Once we recover golf balls from a local golf course, we put them through a four-day cleaning process using our own recipe of safe cleaning solutions.

Step 2: Grading

After cleaning, the golf balls are transferred to our grading building where they’re dried and sorted into two categories. Higher-quality golf balls become Golfer’s Blend, and everything else as striped and sold as Range Balls.

Step 3: Final Inspection

After drying overnight, the golf balls pass one final inspection before being counted, packaged, and shipped to golfers and golf courses.